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Structural Components

Structural Insulated Panels [SIPs]

SIPs are engineered stronger than conventional framing. They allow for Just-in-time delivery and fewer disturbances to the building site. You gain more conditioned volume under roof. No dead space inside the exterior walls; nowhere for moisture or varments to accumulate. No cold bridging within the exterior shell. Ridge beam construction means no attic trusses and no hot attic. Walls are plumb and square. We are VOC free. Secure surfaces for cladding and finishes.  R-25 performance in the 4½ inch walls.

PEX Water Supply Lines

PEX requires fewer fittings (less chance of leakage), less pressure drop with sweeps and home runs, home run to hot water sources, mitigates freezing breakage, and deters calcium & microbial buildup. No solvents. No glues. No lead. VOC Free.

Schluter Shower System

Schluter Shower System provides an integrated membrane system under the tile that forms a unitary bonded watertight assembly. We use pre-sloped shower floors that allow for precision drain positioning. The system is VOC free and prevents sub-shower moisture buildup. Curbless / accessible shower is standard.

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