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Compare Costs

The standard version of MyGrannyCottage starts at $72,000.

Assisted Living vs. MyGrannyCottage

The standard cost of MyGranny Cottage would afford you about 22 months (about 673 days) of rent at a modestly priced assisted living facility in the Gainesville Florida area. Here is a breakdown of costs based on the rates provided by and Genworth insurance:

According to there are there are seven assisted living facilities in Gainesville, FL and another seven facilities nearby. The average cost of assisted living in Gainesville, FL is $3,300 per month for a one-bedroom, single-occupancy assisted living apartment. They estimate that residents of assisted living communities can typically expect a 4.28% annual increase in their base rate.

At move, in a deposit or one-time community fee is usually collected (terms for the name of this fee may vary). This non-refundable fee ranges from $1,000 to $5,000 and covers administrative expenses and the cost of apartment renovations between residents.

According to Genworth – a seller of long term care funding products – the cost of assisted living facility rent in the Gainesville region is $3,534 for a private one bedroom facility. Semi-private nursing home care is $7,604 each month and a private bedroom nursing care is $8,365 each month.

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